In 1995, father and son, David E. Leigh and David K. Leigh, founded Harvest Technologies. The company was built upon the highest morals, ethics and values. Their vision was, and still is, to provide the best products in the fastest lead times at competitive prices.

• 30+ years of engineering experience
• 10+ years of rapid prototyping experience
• David K. Leigh assisted in the development of the Sinterstation® 2000 while at DTM Corporation (now 3D Systems)
• Have developed proprietary techniques of post-processing and finishing of rapid prototypes

The face of Harvest Technologies has changed dramatically since 1995, going from a one-room, one-person operation with just a few customers, to a high-tech facility with customers worldwide. In fact, we build prototypes and production parts for a wide array of industries such as consumer products, electronics, oil and gas, power tools, toys, automotive, medical and aerospace.

• Provide top quality
• Give "customer-first" service
• Deliver on time or early
• Be flexible and accommodating
• Earn trust through reliability
• Provide maximum value

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